Fiat’s São Paulo Automobile Salon Press Conference

Fiat is one of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) brands. Fiat Brasil is the most important brand’s manufacturer out of Italy and the biggest group’s manufacturer in the world. Also, it’s the automobile sales and production leader in Brazil, producing 1.2 million cars/ year.

Creating, more than a presentation, a brand/ product experience.

Using the whole space designated to Fiat at the Automobile Salon, Bolt developed a very immersive experience, integrating technology, information, brand, products and people. Well planned content was combined to visual identity aligned to the brand’s guidelines. The space’s scenography, based on a 180 square meters set of screens, played a key part, by dramatically changing the whole environment - synchronizing motion graphics, prevailing lighting colors and the content itself to highlight different moments and themes during the presentation.