Black Cat

Pinacoteca São Paulo
The very first museum to be created at the biggest brazilian city, with more than 11 thousand pieces and half a million visitors every year.

The museum was closed for a period of time to make changes on its permanent exhibit; F/Nazca created a campaign to raise people’s curiosity about it and needed a creative way to let the public know what was going on inside.

Bolt developed a project that would allow people to “see” everything that was happening inside the museum through the eyes of the “black cat” - an adorable robot built on a mechanical movement platform and equipped with cameras. The cat could walk around and transmit the images, while not interfering with the workers activities, being remotely controlled by curious users (during 3 minutes each) through an specifically developed application at the museum’s fanpage on Facebook. Technology and sensitivity combined in a project that got awards, spontaneous coverage by the media and significant numbers - more than 10k people took turns on controlling the cat to check on the exhibit’s preparations.