Fiat Stilo’s C514 gearbox simulator

Fiat is one of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) brands. Fiat Brasil is the most important brand’s manufacturer out of Italy and the biggest group’s manufacturer in the world. Also, it’s the automobile sales and production leader in Brazil, producing 1.2 million cars/ year.

Stilo was the very first Fiat model to have the new C514 gearbox. Due to the innovative aspect of the component, dealers’ teams all over the country had to be trained how to use it.

To enhance the engagement of dealers staff on learning how to use the C514 gearbox, Bolt created the device’s simulator. The project combined engineering fundamentals provided by Magneti Marelli with 3D images and photographs, and captured the real audio of the Fiat Stilo gearbox for a more realistic feeling. The result was an accurate and attractive simulator, and its success led to a drastic reduction in the cost of training of the dealers teams.