Concept Book

Euroville BMW
One of the biggest BMW / Motorrad/ MINI dealers in Latin America, with 3 stores and one showroom.

For a bid process for 2 new BMW dealer stores, Bolt had to create Euroville BMW’s proposals showing technical/ financial expertise, suggestions for communication campaigns and the applicant’s deep involvement and understanding of BMW brand. The new stores would represent a 40% revenue increase for Euroville.

Bolt created a highly innovative approach to the usual notion of a proposal book, raising the evaluation standards and gaining prominence among the competitors. The ‘concept book’ brings together graphic and product design, interface development, content and creative usage of technology; by turning its pages, the user controls an application that runs in a tablet encased inside the book and get acess to the proposal’s technical and creative content (also reproduced in required printed material). The creative content, the concept book itself, printed books, tablet presentation and the impressive package were fully developed by Bolt.