New Uno Holography

Fiat is one of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) brands. Fiat Brasil is the most important brand’s manufacturer out of Italy and the biggest group’s manufacturer in the world. Also, it’s the automobile sales and production leader in Brazil, producing 1.2 million cars/ year.

A highly innovative presentation for the New Uno launch.

Back in the day, holography was a new thing in the presentations context. And never before a new car model had been presented to the public without the real car on stage. That’s what Bolt did, using holography to show the car and to explore all its details. The unprecedented solution caused a significant impact on audience and press, and was complemented by other elements like the special sound design and the 3D environment, and surprises like the company’s president talking to his own holographic projection - almost one year before Tupac’s hologram had his duet with Snoop Dogg.

New Uno - Fiat