Ramen Day - Nissin

Founded in Japan by the inventor of the instant noodles, the multinational company holds leadership in the brazilian market.

In order to celebrate Ramen Day and the 54th company’s anniversary, F/ Nazca counted on Bolt for a live marketing/ social media project for a festive brand experience.

From interaction design to interface, form ergonomics to voice/ words recognition technology, Bolt created a special ramen vending machine, installed on a subway station. Instead of putting coins on it, people would sing “happy birthday” and get a special edition ramen package. During the first 12 hours, the machine had more than 800 interactions. Also, as a way to take the experience flavor to people at home, we produced a Facebook application that allowed people to sing and blow a candle via webcam; face recognition would identify how many people were there, to send ramen packages to all of them. In 24 hours, 1850 users took part in the celebration.