Vivo Connection

Vivo is the largest telecommunications company in Brazil.

Expanding the interactivity and live experience of one of the biggest cultural events in Brazil to thousands of people all over the country.

Bolt focused on the people’s experience related to the event - being there or not - to develop an application for them to interact, express themselves, have fun and “be there” in many ways - liking the shows and sharing experiences, even by SMS; downloading songs; taking part in the integrated interface that was part of the event’s giant screens structure and was considered by Vivo a “second stage” - main screen showing tweets, SMSs and check-ins realtime along with show images, secondary screens showing the non-stop social network activity. Everything was remotely moderated by an iPad app, all of that in 7 huge events, with 150 shows, more than 15k interactions, 3.5k likes and more than 2 million facebook prints.